How Long Does Oat Milk Last

How Long Does Oat Milk Last?

Oat milk is gaining popularity as a vegan alternative to dairy with a smooth texture and nutty taste. A large number of people opt for Oat milk due to a variety of reasons, such as dietary preference, lactose intolerant or for a vegan diet. 

But, when you buy the oat milk, it is possible to be wondering about how long does oat milk last and the length of time it can be consumed safely. 

The following article we’ll look at the various factors that affect the shelf time of oat milk, indicators of spoilage, appropriate storage practices, and the use of the oat milk that is expired.

What is Oat Milk?

What is Oat Milk?

Oat milk, also known as “oatmilk,” is non-animal milk alternative, made by mixing the oats with water. Oats are incubated into water, then blended and then strained, resulting in smooth liquid with an appearance similar to cow’s milk. 

Oat milk is typically enhanced with vitamins and minerals and is a good choice for people who have dietary restrictions or other preferences.

How Long Does Oat Milk Last?

Like all perishable food item has a shelf time. How long oat milk lasts after being opened depends on a number of variables, including whether or not it includes preservatives and how it is kept. Let’s examine these variables in greater in depth:

How Long Does Oat Milk Last?

Unopened oat milk

Oat milk that has not been opened is typically sold in tetra packs or cartons which are shelf-stable, meaning they do not require refrigeration until they are the time they are opened. 

Oat milks of this type generally come with an “best by” date printed on the package. It is important to remember that this “best by” date is not a date for expiration but instead a manufacturer’s estimate that the item will be in its prime quality.

In general, unopened oatmeal milk can last around 6-12 months beyond that printed “best by” date if kept in a safe and secure storage. But, it’s a good idea to verify the label for any specific guidelines or instructions by the company that it is manufactured.

Opened oat milk

After opening the carton of oat milk its shelf life dramatically reduces because of exposure to air and other contaminants. Oat milk that has been opened should be chilled immediately to preserve its freshness and to prevent the growth of bacteria.

In general, Oat milk is able to last around 7-10 days in a refrigerator. However, this will change depending on factors including the product’s brand, the kind of preservatives used, and how it was stored. 

It is important to smell and examine the oat milk prior to drinking it regardless of whether it’s within the timeframe recommended by the manufacturer.

Factors that affect the shelf life of oat milk

Many factors affect the shelf time of Oat milk’s shelf life. It is crucial to take into consideration these elements to ensure the safety and quality that the milk is safe to consume:

Factors that affect the shelf life of oatmeal milk

Storage Conditions

The proper storage conditions play an important role in extending the shelf time of Oat milk. It is advised to store oat milk that has not been opened in a dry, cool space far from the direct sun and sources of heat. After opening Oat milk must be chilled quickly to reduce the growth of bacteria and prolong its freshness.

Expiration date

The expiration date on the carton serves as an indication of when to consume Oat milk in its highest quality. Although there is no reason not to drink Oat milk at any time after expiration but the taste and quality could be diminished. It is recommended to look for signs of spoilage.


Contamination can seriously affect the shelf time of the oat milk. Proper handling and storage methods are crucial to avoid the spread of harmful pathogens or bacteria. 

Make sure that the carton is securely sealed when not in use. Also, prevent cross-contamination by using clear utensils and pouring the Oat milk in separate containers instead of drinking directly off the carton.

Signs of Spoilage Oat Milk

Signs of Spoilage Oat Milk

To determine if the oat milk is bad, it’s essential to be aware of certain indicators of spoilage. Although the signs can be different however, these are the most frequent indicators:

Changes in the visual

If you observe any clumps or separation or changes in color of the oatmeal milk, it could signal the presence of spoilage. The appearance of curdling or the appearance of mold is obvious indications it is not safe to drink anymore.

Smell and texture

Oat milk that has been soiled may exhibit an unpleasant or sour smell. If the texture is becoming gritty or slimy it’s a sign that the milk is rotten and needs to be removed.

Proper storage of the oat milk

To extend its shelf-life the oat milk and to maintain its quality, it’s crucial to follow the proper storage guidelines.


After opening the oat milk must be refrigerated immediately at a temperature of less than 40 degrees F (4degC). Cooling it down slows the growth of bacteria as well as helping keep the freshness. It is vital to seal the container, or transfer the milk into an airtight container prior placing in the fridge.


If you are not planning to use the entire carton of oatmeal milk before it gets spoiled you can freeze it. It’s crucial to keep in mind that freezing could alter the consistency and texture of the oat milk. 

To freeze it, simply pour the oat milk into a container that is airtight, leaving enough room for expansion, and then label the container by the year. It is then thawed in a refrigerator if needed and shake it well prior to consumption.

Using oat milk from an expired bottle

Using oat milk from an expired bottle

Consuming milk from oats that is expired comes with certain risks because the quality and flavor may have diminished. However, the security of drinking oat milk that has expired depends on several factors, such as the safe management and storage.

A risk of eating Oat milk

Spent oat milk might be contaminated with microorganisms that could make you sick. If the milk exhibits signs of spoilage or was stored incorrectly, it’s advised to err on one safe side and dispose of it.

Sensory evaluation

If the oatmilk is over its expiration date and does not show signs of spoilage, it is possible to conduct a sensory assessment. 

This includes evaluating the scent as well as the appearance and tasting of only a little portion of the milk prior to deciding if it is suitable for consumption. It is vital to trust your intuition and put your health first when looking at expired Oat milk.


Can you freeze oat milk?

It is possible to freeze milk from oats, but it can alter its texture.

How long does the oat milk that is opened can last within the fridge?

The oat milk you have opened generally lasts between 7 and 10 days if it is chilled.

Can you use Oat milk after the expiration date?

You are generally safe drink Oat milk after the expiration date provided there are no indications of spoilage, however the quality could be affected.

What can I do with the oat milk that’s about to expire?

Consider using it in recipes, like smoothies, baked goods or even as a coffee creamer.

Is homemade oat milk more perishable than the store-bought variety?

Oatmilk made at home tends to be less nutritious and has a short shelf-life which is why it should be used within couple of days.


In the end the shelf-life of oat milk is dependent on whether it’s opened or opened. The safety and quality of milk depend on it being refrigerated, stored, and handled correctly. 

While drinking oat milk beyond the expiration date is generally secure, it’s important to be aware of spoilage and rely on your senses. 

Following the suggested guidelines and guidelines, you can enjoy the benefits of the benefits of oat milk, while also ensuring its taste and quality.






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